Monday, March 5, 2012

Vegan Béchamel sauce

I spent the day Saturday with my best friend. It was her birthday. I made us some awesome banana, coconut chocolate chunk pancakes. I don't have a picture but if you want the recipe here is is: 2 c. bisquick, 1/2 c. dark chocolate chunks, 2 mashed bananna's, 1 c. coconut milk, stir it all together and pour onto a griddle or warmed skillet.

For dinner Deborah made steak, which wouldn't have been so bad, but she cooked it in an entire stick of butter. I honestly think this is the unhealthiest thing I have ever been privy to witness being made in person. She decided to have some pasta as a side with Garlic Alfredo. I had some veggies left over from the night before's calzone, so I sauted them and made a Vegan Béchamel sauce. It is really easy. At least the way that I make it, it is. I use 1/2 c. Daiya shreds and 1/4 c. dairy free milk. I place the shreds in a pot and add the milk, continue stirring over medium heat until smooth, or most of the shreds have melted. I know it isn't the greatest picture but here is a comparison photo. On the right is a jarred Alfredo sauce mixed with pasta, not vegan. On the left is my vegan béchamel sauce mixed with pasta.
It was really very good. I used coconut milk, since that is what I had on hand at the time, so it had a slight coconutty taste, but I liked it.