Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bacun Tofu

This is such an easy recipe I almost feel guilty calling it a blog post/recipe.  I took a lot of pictures though, so maybe that will help make up for the fact that it is super simple and not really a recipe. I will say that having the right stuff on hand is imperative. The first thing you need is JD's Bacon Salt. It is totally veg and tastes amazing.
Ok next item is super firm tofu, the refrigerated kind.  I like to buy organic, but that is up to you. You wanna slice it as thin as you can. I usually do a half a package at a time. If you are feeding 1-3 people a half a package is plenty - but if you are cooking for more (or like leftovers- feel free to slice the whole package). I took a picture of the tofu sliced. Don't worry if it isn't perfect. It will still taste really good!
The next step should be overly obvious - You need to get the bacon salt on the tofu. I like it on both sides. So I usually lay it out and sprinkle it on (yes the container has a shaker top) and then flip over all the pieces and shake some more on. You can over do it with the bacon salt, so try not to over coat it (or else it will be really salty - it is called bacon salt after all). I included a photo so you can see how heavy I season it.
You guessed it the next step is to fry the tofu. I use a skillet and a little olive oil over medium high heat. Let the skillet and oil get hot, but not smoking before adding the tofu to the skillet. I usually cook it about 4-5 minutes on each side ( or until it gets a good crust).
I like to put the cooked tofu on a paper towel, to rest while cooking the rest. I don't have a skillet big enough to cook it all at once. You can serve right away, or continue to let it rest. It is great in a vegan quiche, tofu scramble, or even a BLT. Enjoy!

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