Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Food Swap

I hit the mother load this month in the vegan food swap.
Big shout out to Steffi Derobertis of
She sent me 3 different kinds of chocolate and only one piece melted. Which means I got to eat it right away:) and peanut butter and chocolate are my favorite!

I got a pound of vegan white chocolate chips. I have been searching unsuccessfully for these locally for a year now. I am so excited to have some and will definitely will be making some cookies check out the blog next week for something good.
I also got some local ( to Steffi) newspapers to keep me in the know for my trip to Seattle in 11 days oh yeah can't wait to nosh on some yummy vegan eats on vacation.

She sent me some bee free honee which I have seen in veg news but never tried.

The rest of the items are being hoarded until the end of the month for snacks for my flight. There is some vegan jerky, a box of non dairy cheese crackers, a Snap bar and a sweet & sara rice crispy treat. I can't wait to tear into the rice crispy treat. I have also been looking for this brand of vegan marshmallows to no avail.

Thanks Steffi, I hope your box is as awesome as mine. If you want more info about the swap or to join in the fun for next month check out:

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